These steps will help you find and enroll in a life-saving drug or alcohol rehab program in Pennsylvania:

Women’s Rehab

Women’s Rehab Centers

There are a variety of reasons why women who are struggling with an addiction disorder might feel more comfortable in an inpatient facility exclusive to female patients as opposed to a co-ed one. If you are a woman struggling with addiction, or if you know a woman who is, then finding a quality women’s rehab facility can be a productive step towards recovery.

The Benefits of Women’s Inpatient Rehab

As the name would imply, a women’s rehab facility only admits female patients. Certain facilities may even limit the number of male employees on staff, or even prefer to run a female-only operation. This can help patients feel more at ease.

Some patients who are trying to work through an addiction problem may feel more comfortable in the company of other women. In group therapy sessions, the female patients will have an easier time bonding and relating to one-another based on having lived similar life experiences.

Many co-ed facilities, whether they be residential rehab centers or sober living facilities, often ban residents from forming romantic relationships while they reside there. This helps patients focus on their recovery exclusively, and not get distracted by any potentially stressful factors. At a women’s rehab facility, this won’t be as much of a problem. It can also keep female patients safer – although many coed facilities have protocols in place to protect female patients from being taken advantage of, such unfortunate incidents are still much more likely to happen at a co-ed facility than at a women’s only rehab center.

Women’s Outpatient Rehab

A residential (or inpatient) women’s rehab facility may not be the answer for every woman. After all, there are thousands of women who are juggling work, children, school, or other responsibilities along with an addiction disorder. Under such circumstances, getting treatment from a women’s rehab outpatient facility might be the better option. You’ll still get all the benefits you would at a women’s residential rehab facility without the undue burden of putting your life on hold for one or several months.

Outpatient facilities offer much of the same treatment that you would find in an inpatient facility. There is one-on-one counseling, group therapy, and some places even offer alternative therapies. The solo counseling sessions can help female patients figure out what motivates their addiction behavior, how to cope with their stressors, and how to manage their addiction in their everyday lives. Group therapy sessions with other women provide a supportive environment and lets patients know that they are not alone in their struggles. And alternative therapies, such as art therapy, can help patients discover ways to enjoy sober living instead of returning to drugs or alcohol during times of stress.

Whether you’re looking for an inpatient or an outpatient women’s rehab facility, help is available near you. Call one of our rehab specialists today to find a qualified facility in your area.